Federal Budget Discussion with MP Chatel

The East Block in Canada's Parliament Hill on a beautiful afternoon

Invitation – Informal discussion on the federal budget’s financial and fiscal measures for Pontiac businesses with MP Sophie Chatel Dear members of the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce, We are pleased to invite you to attend an informal discussion on the federal budget with MP Sophie Chatel. With her remarkable experience in the fields of finance […]

Black Tie Gala 2024 Photos

Gala Black Tie

Thank you to all who attended the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce’s Black Tie Gala on April 6, 2024 at the SpruceHolme Resort & Conference Centre in Fort-Coulonge, Quebec. Below are some of the many photos we took during the evening, and will be sharing others in the coming days!

Quebec’s New French Signage Laws: What Pontiac Businesses Need to Know

Quebec's new signage laws

As the June 1, 2025 deadline approaches, Quebec’s new language regulations present a significant shift in business operations. The updated Charter of the French Language mandates that all signage, except for company names, must predominantly feature French. Additionally, product labels must now include French descriptions, eliminating previous regulatory loopholes. These changes require businesses to reassess and potentially […]

Shop Le Pontiac 2024 – Now Open For Registration!

Shop Le Pontiac

Over the past two years, the Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the SADC Pontiac, has been encouraging residents to “Shop Le Pontiac” – a digitally forward marketing campaign designed to help small businesses build brands within the community. Since its launch, the program has provided 20 local businesses with: Professional photography of their business, […]

Navigating the Future of Work: Insights for Small Business Owners in the Pontiac

Office of the future

In the dynamic landscape of today’s economy, small business owners in the Pontiac region face unique challenges and opportunities. The 2023 Future of Work Survey report sheds light on critical trends that could shape the future of businesses in our community. As small business owner, it’s vital to understand these trends and adapt to the […]

Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Trefor Munn-Venn to the Board

Trefor Munn-Venn, Leystone Farms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pontiac Chamber of Commerce Announces Appointment of Trefor Munn-Venn to Board of Directors [MRC Pontiac, Quebec] — The Pontiac Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce the addition of Trefor Munn-Venn to its Board of Directors. Co-owner of the innovative Leystone Farms in Luskville, Trefor is a steward of community values and […]

Spotlight on SMEs: Presentation by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

In our October 5a7 we invited the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to speak to local entrepreneurs about some of the challenges faced by business owners. In an enlightening presentation, CFIB discussed everything from inter-provincial barriers that stop local businesses from servicing Ontario to the labour shortage felt by many of the members of the […]

Inflation and Interest Intricacies: The Rising Cost Challenge for Small Businesses

interest and inflation impacting small business

The economics of small businesses in Canada are currently impacted by the double whammy of high interest rates and high inflation. These elements have turned the business arena into a challenging field where navigating through the financial hurdles has become the order of the day. Inflation, with its upward push on prices, affects the cost […]

The Recruitment Roadblock for Rural Small Businesses

Recruitment Roadblocks

As the calendar pages flipped to 2023, small businesses, especially those located in rural Canada, found themselves grappling with a growing challenge – hiring the right talent. The recruitment roadblock is not just a bump on the road, but a significant hurdle that impacts the growth, sustainability, and competitiveness of these enterprises. One of the […]

Digital David vs Goliath: Navigating Online Competition for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Competing with larger ecommerce retailers

In the digital era, the marketplace has transcended geographical boundaries, opening a realm of opportunities for businesses big and small. However, this online market democratization comes with its share of challenges for small businesses, especially when pitted against e-commerce giants like Amazon, Wayfair, and big box stores with online platforms like Walmart. The vast resources, […]

A Guide to Local Resources for Small Businesses in MRC Pontiac

Support for Small Business in the MRC Pontiac

Ah, the crisp autumn air heralds the advent of Canadian Small Business Week, a time dedicated to celebrating the heartbeat of our community—the small businesses. This week shines a spotlight on the spirited local entrepreneurs whose ceaseless endeavors not only fuel our economy but weave a fabric of connection among us. As the digital realm […]

Small Businesses: The Economic Pillars of MRC Pontiac

Canadian Small Business Week

Small businesses are crucial players in the economic framework of MRC Pontiac. Their contribution transcends beyond mere financial metrics; they play a vital role in job creation, community development, and local innovation. As we gear up for the Canadian Small Business Week, it’s imperative to delineate the significance of small businesses in our region and […]