A Guide to Local Resources for Small Businesses in MRC Pontiac

Ah, the crisp autumn air heralds the advent of Canadian Small Business Week, a time dedicated to celebrating the heartbeat of our community—the small businesses. This week shines a spotlight on the spirited local entrepreneurs whose ceaseless endeavors not only fuel our economy but weave a fabric of connection among us. As the digital realm continues to reshape the marketplace, it’s pivotal for these local champs to embrace the digital tide. In our little tribute to kick off Canadian Small Business Week, we’ll be unboxing a treasure trove of local resources that could be the compass for small businesses sailing the digital seas. So, here’s to embarking on a journey of discovery and toasting to the indomitable spirit of our local business community!

Chamber of Commerce:

  • Networking Nexus: The Chamber of Commerce is a pivotal networking hub, connecting local businesses with each other and potential customers. Through regular meetings, events, and forums, it cultivates a fertile ground for business relationships and collaborations.
  • Advocacy and Voice: Acting as a collective voice, the Chamber advocates for the interests of the business community at both local and provincial levels, ensuring that the concerns and needs of small businesses are heard and addressed.

SADC Pontiac (Community Futures Development Corporation):

SADC Pontiac

  • Financial Fostering: SADC Pontiac is a key player in the financial nourishment of local enterprises. It offers a range of financial services, including loans and contributions, to help businesses thrive.
  • Business Counselling: Beyond financial aid, SADC Pontiac provides invaluable business counselling and support services. Whether it’s crafting a business plan or navigating market challenges, their expertise is a lighthouse for emerging and established businesses alike.

Visit them online at SADCPontiac.ca

MRC Pontiac’s Department of Economic Development:

MRC Pontiac

  • Strategic Development: This department is a linchpin in strategizing the economic upliftment of the region. It orchestrates development plans that encompass various sectors, ensuring a holistic approach to economic growth.
  • Support Services: From entrepreneurship support to business research, the department offers a gamut of services to bolster business activities. It’s a go-to resource for insights, guidance, and support in the economic domain.

Visit them online at MRCPontiac.qc.ca

The synergy between these entities amplifies the support available to small businesses. Their collaborative efforts foster a conducive ecosystem for business growth and sustainability. With a keen understanding of the local business landscape, these organisations tailor their services to meet the unique needs of rural enterprises, embodying a community-centric approach to economic development.