Shop Le Pontiac

Support Local Small Business Here in the Pontiac!

The Pontiac is rich with hundreds of small businesses, each reflecting the diligence, passion, and unique local charm intrinsic to our community. The Pontiac Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with SADC Pontiac, is pleased to introduce “Shop Le Pontiac,” an initiative aimed at fostering local commerce and fortifying the economic backbone of our region.

Benefit of Shopping Local

Supporting local businesses goes beyond mere economic transactions. It is about fostering a self-sustaining community, wherein every dollar spent reverberates through the local economy, empowering small business owners, creating jobs, and reinforcing the community’s unique identity. Moreover, local businesses often provide personalized, attentive service and quality products, making every shopping experience rewarding.

About SADC Pontiac

The Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) Pontiac is an organization committed to the economic development of the Pontiac region. By offering various forms of financial and technical support to businesses and enterprises, SADC Pontiac aims to stimulate economic growth and ensure sustainable community development. The collaboration between the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce and SADC Pontiac in launching “Shop Le Pontiac” underlines a shared vision for a prosperous local economy.

Get Highlighted in Shop Le Pontiac

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