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Pontiac Chamber of Commerce Black Tie Gala




Save the date! The Pontiac Chamber of Commerce will be hosting it’s 2nd annual Black Tie Gala on February 17th, 2024. Ticket information to be released soon!


Bill 25 SADC Training




Understanding and Implementing Law 25 in Your Business | Build a 10-step implementation plan to ensure a calm & efficient course of actions
Have you heard about the new Law 25 on personal information management, but find the legal jargon heavy, intimidating, or confusing?
Are you a business owner or leader of an organization and don’t know where to start in organizing and implementing the new standards to avoid issues and penalties? The SADC Pontiac is here to help. This training will provide you with a clear understanding of Law 25 and your legal obligations as an owner or organizational leader.
SADC Jingle Mingle

SADC Jingle Mingle – Harvesting Data



The ultimate holiday extravaganza where festive fun and connections collide! – SADC Pontiac’s Annual Mingle Jingle 2023!

Calumet Media and consulting, offering web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services to Ottawa & The Valley.Celebrate the season with us and get ready to jingle & mingle at our annual Mingle Jingle Festive Business Networking Event! Our special guest Jon Stewart from Calumet Media & Consulting will enlighten us on “Harvesting First-Party Data.” We leave a trail of information every time we load up a website or browse social media. Businesses who have a data collection strategy can leverage this data to make better-informed decisions on their marketing and company direction in general.

Using AI in small business

Training – Artificial Intelligence for Small Business



Join us for an exciting training session, ‘Artificial Intelligence for Small Business,’ specially designed for our local small business community. This engaging event, hosted by SADC Pontiac & the Chamber of Commerce, demystifies the power of artificial intelligence in a way that’s both practical and approachable. Discover how AI technology like ChatGPT and MidJourney can revolutionize your customer service, marketing, and market analysis, without the need for deep technical knowledge. With interactive demonstrations and real-world examples, you’ll see AI in action, solving everyday business challenges.

Calumet Media and consulting, offering web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services to Ottawa & The Valley.Our expert presenter, Jon Stewart from Calumet Media & Consulting, will guide you through the essentials and answer all your questions. Whether you’re an AI novice or looking to enhance your existing strategies, this session is a must-attend. Empower your business with the latest in AI technology, making your operations more efficient and your strategies more effective. Join us and step into the future of business innovation!

Data and Analytics




Calumet Media and consulting, offering web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services to Ottawa & The Valley.Dive further into the world of data with our upcoming session, ‘Mastering Marketing Analytics: Strategies for Small Businesses’. Hosted by SADC Pontiac, this hands-on workshop is tailored for local entrepreneurs eager to unlock the potential of their marketing efforts. Discover how to interpret customer data, track campaign performance, and make informed decisions to boost your business growth. Jon Stewart from Calumet Media & Consulting will guide you through the basics of analytics tools and how to apply insights to refine your marketing strategies. You’ll learn practical tips for measuring success, understanding market trends, and personalizing your customer interactions. Whether you’re new to marketing analytics or looking to enhance your skills, this session offers valuable knowledge to elevate your business in today’s competitive marketplace. Join us for an empowering experience, and transform data into your most powerful marketing ally!

Video Production

Training –  VIDEO



Calumet Media and consulting, offering web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services to Ottawa & The Valley.Step into the dynamic world of video marketing with our engaging training session, ‘Captivating Your Audience with Video: A Guide for Small Businesses’. Brought to you by SADC Pontiac and the Chamber of Commerce, this workshop is designed for local business owners looking to enhance their marketing strategies with the power of video. Learn from Jon Stewart at Calumet Media & Consulting how to create compelling video content that resonates with your audience, increases engagement, and strengthens your brand presence. We’ll cover everything from crafting your message and basic filming techniques to leveraging platforms like social media for maximum impact. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this session will provide you with practical skills and creative ideas to bring your business’s story to life through video. Join us and start harnessing the captivating potential of video marketing!