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M&R Feeds Shawville

M&R Feeds Shawville

About M&R Feeds

M&R Feeds and Farm Supply, headquartered at 388 Rue Main Shawville, QC, embodies a cornerstone establishment for farming and rural living essentials in the region​1​. With a focus on nourishing the agrarian community, they extend a range of products and services tailored to both the farm and the country home. Their expertise spans advising farmers on livestock nutrition, handling, management, along with guidance on selecting crop inputs, marketing strategies, and financing solutions. With three strategically located outlets in Micksburg, Pembroke, and Shawville, they ensure a convenient accessibility to their offerings, underpinned by a schedule accommodating the farming community’s rhythm​2​.

The breadth of M&R Feeds’ product portfolio encompasses a variety of feeds safe, nutritious, and competitively priced, catering to a diverse set of livestock including dairy, beef, horse, sheep, goat, and pig, along with poultry, pets, and even specialized feeds for laboratory animals, wild birds, deer, and fish​3​. Moreover, they provide solutions beyond feeds, such as fencing for a myriad of purposes like demarcating general boundaries, facilitating ranching activities, safeguarding crops, enhancing security, and landscaping​4​. The essence of their business reflects a profound understanding of rural living demands and a commitment to fostering a symbiotic relationship with the farming fraternity.



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