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About Boutique Bronson

Boutique Bronson, situated at 305 Main St. in Shawville, is a fresh addition to the Pontiac fashion scene since its opening in November of 2021. This boutique is where fashion meets variety, offering a delightful range of clothing and accessories tailored to cater to diverse age groups and styles. Whether you’re on a quest for a new everyday favorite or an outfit for a special occasion, Boutique Bronson has got you covered with its wide spectrum of clothing in inclusive sizes, alongside adorable scarves and jewelry to complement your outfit​1​​2​​3​.

The boutique, situated in the heart of Shawville, opens its doors to fashion enthusiasts, beckoning them into a friendly and inviting atmosphere. The atmosphere is enhanced by the friendly and honest owner who is always at hand with a big smile ready to assist and answer any questions you might have. The ambiance is open and welcoming, a hallmark of a unique little boutique filled with fashionable women’s clothing and accessories.

At Boutique Bronson, the shopping experience is designed to be pleasant and fulfilling. The offerings extend beyond mere products to include a cozy ambiance and personalized service, ensuring every visit is a delightful venture. You can also stay connected with Boutique Bronson through their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram or reach out to them via email at or phone at 819 639-2197. Open year-round, Boutique Bronson awaits to satisfy your fashion cravings in every season​3​.



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