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W.A. Hodgins in Shawville, operating under Home Hardware, is a significant player in the local retail scene, with its roots deeply embedded in the community’s history. The advent of the railway transformed Shawville into a shopping hub of the Pontiac, with the two mid-19th century Hodgins stores being landmarks in the town. Besides running the general store, G. F. Hodgins also operated a brickyard and augmented his income by purchasing grain and other produce from local farmers, which he then resold to the lumber industry​1​.

Currently located at 325 Rue Main, Shawville, QC J0X 2Y0, W.A. Hodgins Store has continued to serve the Shawville and the surrounding Pontiac Region with a remarkable dedication to customer service for over six generations, dating back to 1857. The store’s offerings are broad and tailored to cater to the community’s needs, making it a one-stop shop for many. You can reach out to them via phone at (819) 647-2731 for inquiries or to learn more about their product offerings​2​​3​.

The store, now a Home Hardware outlet, offers a diverse range of products, reflecting its commitment to serving the community’s evolving needs. From hardware and building materials to various other essential supplies, W.A. Hodgins has become synonymous with quality and reliability in Shawville. The store’s key principal, Milton E. Hodgins, has played a pivotal role in maintaining the store’s reputable standing in the community, ensuring that customers continue to receive top-notch service and products​4​.

W.A. Hodgins Store embodies a rich tradition of community service coupled with a modern retail experience, making it a cherished establishment in Shawville. Its long-standing presence and continued dedication to customer satisfaction highlight its significant role in the local retail landscape. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project or in need of hardware supplies, W.A. Hodgins Store in Shawville remains a reliable and trusted choice for the local community.



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