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Semences Allumettes | Matches Seeds

Semences Allumettes | Matches Seeds

About Semences Allumettes | Matches Seeds

Semences Allumettes / Matches Seeds is a garden center and seed company located at 438 Cottage Rd in Chapeau, where the essence of gardening is celebrated. Owned by Michael, a Horticulture Technician by trade and a master Gardener by choice, the place emanates a passion for gardening, flowers, and pumpkins​1​​2​.

They boast an online seed store where a variety of seeds are available for purchase. The seeds are non-GMO and organic whenever possible, making them a healthy choice for garden enthusiasts. For those aiming at better germination conditions, they also offer a select range of treated seeds, which are clearly marked and packaged separately to avoid any confusion​3​.

Their physical location is not just a place to buy seeds but a platform to engage with the gardening community. Reviews suggest that the interactions at Matches Seeds are always excellent and the local community is fortunate to have this business in the area​4​.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or someone just starting to explore the green world, Semences Allumettes / Matches Seeds seems to be a place that not only provides the seeds to start but also the knowledge and community engagement to grow your gardening journey.



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