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Why Join?

Many businesses are realizing the benefits of being a part of the Chamber. We have many members who offer discounts to other members through our “Business to Business” program. There are many other benefits available to Chamber members such as discounts on fuel, long distance discounts on Telebec business lines and many more which would save your business money.

If you refer a business and they become a member, you will receive $25 off your next year’s membership!

If you need any help with receiving your benefits, please contact us at

Please note:
Knowing that all businesses are affected by the financial aspects of this pandemic, and to support you during this period of crisis, the Level 1 membership renewal fee for the year 2021-2022 has been reduced to $75 plus taxes.

Membership Application Form

Print out and complete the form below in order to start taking advantage of the many benefits the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce has to offer.

Membership Application Form

Membership Rates (April 1 - March 31)

LEVEL 1 – $143.72 ($125 plus GST $6.25 and QST $12.47)

LEVEL 2 – $287.44 ($250 plus GST $12.50 and QST $24.94)

  • small size advertisement on Chamber web site

LEVEL 3 – $574.88 ($500 plus GST $25.00 and QST $49.88)

  • larger size advertisement on Chamber web site
  • choice to have a display/booth at General Meetings

Pro-rated Memberships

From September 1st until March 31st, Chamber membership will be pro-rated for the number of remaining months of membership for the current fiscal year.

Level 1 – $11.98 / month ($10.41 plus GST $0.52 and QST $1.04)

Level 2 – $23.95 / month ($20.83 plus GST $1.04 and QST $2.08)

Level 3 – $47.91 / month ($41.67 plus GST $2.08 and QST $4.16)

Payment Method

We accept payment by cash, cheque or money order payable to the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce. At this moment, the Chamber does not accept credit card or paypal services.

We also accept Interact e-transfers. Funds should be emailed to:

Cheques should be mailed, along with the membership form, to:
Pontiac Chamber of Commerce
131A, rue Victoria Street
Shawville, Quebec
J0X 2Y0

Please allow 4-6 weeks for implementation of some benefits.

For more information:

1.855.647.2312 or 819.647.2312