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About JLS Building Materials

JLS Building Materials, a cherished family-owned business, was established in 1993 in Bryson Quebec. Their ambition saw fruition as, five years later, a second, larger location was inaugurated in Mansfield, Quebec. Over the years, JLS Building Materials garnered numerous accolades, one of the noteworthy being the Canadian Retailer of the Year in 2018​1​​2​.

At its core, JLS Building Materials embodies a human quality, showcasing a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. They prioritize making customers feel at ease, ensuring they are confident in their home improvement projects. The ethos of customer-centricity is well-reflected in their mission statement that emphasizes a professional, courteous, and bilingual shopping experience. Their aim is to provide the right product for the right job, ensuring customers have a satisfying shopping experience that caters to their specific needs​1​​3​.

The journey of JLS Building Materials has been filled with both milestones and adversities. In 1995, Bryson saw its first garden center under JLS, and by 1998, they expanded to a new location at 285 rue Principale, Mansfield, Quebec. The year 2009 marked the renovation of the Bryson store. However, 2015 brought a significant setback as a fire devastated the Mansfield location. Undeterred, JLS bounced back with a rebuild in 2016, adding a new garden center, equipment rental, and a drive-through warehouse. Their resilience and commitment to enhancing the community’s lifestyle were recognized in 2017 when they were awarded the Business Beautification Plaque from the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce. Their journey towards independence was sealed in 2020 when JLS Building Materials transitioned to a 100% independent entity, dropping their former banner​1​.

JLS Building Materials stands as a testament to entrepreneurial resilience, community service, and a customer-oriented business model, making it a distinguished establishment in the Pontiac region.



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