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Coronation Hall Ciderie

Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mill

About Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mill

Located in the picturesque village of Bristol in Western Quebec, the Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mills invites you to a unique, refreshing, and delicious cider experience. Established as the first cidery in Western Quebec, this charming locale is steeped in history and tradition. The cider mill is housed in the historic Coronation Hall, originally built in the early 1930s as the MacDougall Dance Hall. It was renamed in 1937 to honor the coronation of George VI, embodying a rich blend of history and local culture​1​​2​.

Beyond its historical significance, Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mills is a celebration of nature’s bounty. Here, the age-old tradition of cider-making comes to life, offering a delightful array of ciders for visitors to savor on the premises or take home. The cider mill not only serves as a testament to the rich cider-making tradition of the region but also as a cozy retreat where visitors can unwind. With a tea room and a gift shop, it’s a place where the old meets the new, and the sweet aroma of apples blends with the rustic charm of Coronation Hall​2​.

As you step into Coronation Hall Cider Mills located at 206 Chem. River in Bristol, the warm, inviting ambiance is palpable. It’s more than just a place to sample and purchase cider; it’s a venue where the community gathers, celebrates, and cherishes the simple, yet profound, joy of sharing a glass of cider. The cidery hosts private events in their renovated century barn, providing an incredible space for celebrations amidst a scenic backdrop of lush orchards and the historic elegance of the hall​3​​2​.

Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mills is not just a destination; it’s an experience. It’s about the journey of the apple, from the orchard to the glass, and the enduring legacy of a community united by a shared love for cider. Whether you are a cider aficionado or a visitor looking to explore the local flavors, a visit to Cidrerie Coronation Hall Cider Mills is sure to leave you with fond memories and a taste of the rich, apple-infused heritage of Bristol, Quebec.



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