Mentoring Cel

The Chamber is presently implementing a mentoring cell in the Pontiac.


Mentoring is pairing an experienced entrepreneur, with a minimum of 8 years of experience, with an entrepreneur who is either just starting out, or who may need “support” for one reason or another.

The Pontiac Chamber is working on becoming accredited with “Réseau M”, which has a protocol for the mentoring experience. They describe their approach as: “The type of mentoring that we practice is defined by the FDE program and by the NC. It differs from other mentoring practices in many ways—it is aimed at mentoring entrepreneurs, not businesses; it focuses on sharing experience, not expertise; and finally, our practice chooses to accompany entrepreneurs, not direct them.”

Through years of statistics, it has been found that 68% of businesses have “closed their doors” within the first 5 years of opening. That number of failed businesses can be reduced to 28% by supporting the entrepreneur with a mentor.

Typically, we do not tend to pair entrepreneurs in the same domain/industry as the type of business doesn’t matter, since it is about the individual as a person, not what business they are in. We also match from different domains to avoid conflict of interest. This program is open to all ages and disciplines.

Why would a successful business person volunteer to become a mentor? Most want to give back to the community that helped in their own success.

If you would like to be involved in this program as either a mentor or a mentoree, or require more information, please contact the Chamber at 819-647-2312 or